Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday Night Camp: UPDATED(Again) -upperest of all

I'll give $1000 blogger bucks to anyone who can find something campier than this:

And just for fun, some faux camp, as it were. Almost as funny.

UPDATE: Commenter 'ward' inevitably brought up The Partridge Family. Yes, he gave it the good old college try, but I’m afraid they only register a 8.7 on the camp scale, next to the Brady Bunches blazing hot 9.4.

Take note, we now know where Mike Meyers got his Austin Powers getup.

UPDATE 2: I apologize ladies and gentlemen, but the camp just keeps on coming. I brought up Austin Powers, which leads me into our next bit. If you are familiar with the series you’ll catch the connection immediately. I know, I’m just fuelling my own madness here and taking you along for the ride, so again I apologize. Now, on with the camp...shine Judy, shine!

Please note, too much time on the internet is a terrible thing.

UPDATE 3: Ok, I promise I will stop the maddness here. After watching the video below, you will have recieved about 3000% of your reccomended daily intake of camp. Batman, the original TV series will not be shown tonight. If I did that my head might explode.

Who says "shaking that booty" was invented by modern R&B? Also, WTF does this song have to do with the old west?

UPDATE 4: Reader Dave adds his youtube insanity to the mix. Be warned, to tread beyond this point is to enter a pit of maddness so deep you will most likely be lost forever. Yes, its campy, campier than most, but the sheer lunacy of it is beyond the pale. We're through the looking glass here people. Oh, and it features the stoic and refined stylings of Leonard Nimoy.

You have been warned.

... Oh brother!

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