Friday, November 28, 2014

It's All Fun and Games

... until someone loses an eye!

More "progressive" magic; making victims from felons:

Police say Lee drove away but he was not the only one causing trouble at the gas station. Sixteen people were arrested on the lot and police say they still do not know who is responsible for firing numerous gunshots at the location.

Police say they have issued a warrant for Lee’s arrest and set a bond for $50,000.


Taxed2death4ever said...

All whites to the back of the bus... how "progressive".

bertie said...

So someone gets killed,either rightly or wrongly and you are entitled to burn down your neighborhood and rob and loot for a few days ,burn police cars and put 100,s of people out of work.Tell me again,what did your neighbor or store owner do to you that gives you the right to destroy his property and possibly his life.What would have happened if these same store owners defended their properties with guns and started shooting these looters.Would you be happy with the newsreel footage next morning showing hundreds of looters killed by store owners defending their property.