Monday, November 3, 2014

Sam Harris on The Reality of International Islam


Bill Elder said...

Good to see you back Paul. Hope you enjoyed summer (while it lasted).

As for Jihadis on our home turf, it may be time to reassess what terror is. We have lived with state sponsored terrorism for over 60 years ( long before political/theological terrorism was a glint in Osama's eye) - ever since our governments decided to militarize the police, exclude their lawless actions from legal liability, and criminalize a litany of victimless paperwork infractions, we have been under state terrorism. SWAT teams abound and spring into action for the most mundane non-threat - this is well calculated display of excessive force - it is open intimidation where the state reminds the sheep that the ruling authority will offer unwarranted, excessive lethal violence for the least petty infraction or perceived thought crime against it - particularly if you have the "wrong" politics as a basis for your dissent from status quo institutionalized pathocracy.

With taser compliance we now have state sanctioned torture and if you hod a picture of a masked. black-clad SWAT thug next to an ISIS goon you will see the physical resemblance - remember both of these armed thugs will kill you because of who you are - the jihadi hates you if you reject Islam, the SWAT goon hates you because you reject and speak to the corruption and lawlessness of his bosses.

So, state sponsored terrorism has been with us for some time before the Jihadis started freelance terror.

Don't ask me to condemn Sharia when I routinely see our courts in this country obliterate due process and incarcerate people based on fraudulent claims, personal opinion and ruling class policy. Rule of law has broken down in this nation, we no longer have a justice system, we have a politicized legal system and it is multi tiered with certain groups exempt and certain groups oppressed by it.

It is rank hypocrisy for our government to condemn the terror campaigns and kangaroo law of other dysfunctional states when we engage in the same machinations of state control - we just have a better P.R agent in the MSM hiding the reality of our state terrorism,

celestialjunk said...

Summer is over indeed, but it brings hunting season, my favorite time of year.