Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama and Castro: Crony Capitalism 101

Over the next several months we will find out if Obama got anything from the Cuban regime ... say a relaxing in police state tactics, or the opening up of the education system and legal system to more freedom of expression.

I do find it somewhat ironic though, that the entire anti-Cuba knee jerk reaction is based on pointing out the human rights violations of the Cuban regime, when in fact America does business all over the world with regimes as totalitarian, or worse, than Cuba.  We can start with the Saudis ... the misogynistic, witch be-heading, bigoted, terror sponsoring, slave trading, Islamic bastards who supply great quantities of crude oil to the West.  The only reason that relations haven't normalized with Cuba a long time ago is because no great resource riches are there to be purchased.

Maybe though, it's finally dawned on the Crony Capitalists of America, that perhaps Cuba is one of the last new frontiers for their iphones and touch screens and hotels.  Hell, think of all cheap labor, think of all the real estate in need of rebuilding ... think of the infrastructure to be modernized ... and all just 90 miles off the USA coast.

My guess is that all we are seeing here is Crony Capitalism at work. A whole class of Cuban communists are about to become Cuban oligarchs in the same way that former Chinese and Russian communists did when Western money came to town. Obama is merely picking the winners on the American side; they will all, each and every one, be top Democrat donor individuals and corporations who will get ground floor entry into the up and coming Cuban modernization.

How much ordinary Cubans get to benefit remains to be seen.

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