Friday, December 5, 2014

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Reading the comments section of the following item is telling. Many "progressive" commenters seem apoplectic ... almost enraged ... that there is a lack of comments criticizing the dead victim for being a thug, or black, or resisting arrest etc. How strange it seems to them that the "racist" conservative mob isn't out in force defending the police officer involved.

Too ignorant are they to realize that those who support Darren Wilson do so after a careful examination of the facts; the same care that likely leads them to withhold support for the police officer involved in the Akai Gurley case.

Personally, I remain neutral, simply because I don't trust the agenda driven media.

Akai Gurley:

Akai Gurley was killed last month. Police say he and his girlfriend had opened a door into a stairway, and a rookie officer patrolling the pitch-dark area with his gun drawn fired.


Police said Liang, patrolling with his gun drawn, fired apparently by accident, hitting Gurley from a distance of about 10 feet.


Kevin Powell, the spokesman for Sylvia and Kenneth Palmer, said Friday that the officers weren't supposed to be patrolling the stairwell at the time of the incident.

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