Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Celebration of Ignorance: Dead Cops

In the orgy of cop-hate sweeping the United States, it has become instructive to read the comments threads on various leftwing blogs and internet media.  What passes for "truth" and logic is sometimes shocking.  Debating said opinion givers is a waste of time of course; no amount of logic and statistical truth can sway those bent on a world view that basks in ignorance.

One common theme one comes across is that the USA is a veritable free fire zone for cops killing innocent young black men.  You'd think that unarmed, innocent, totally blameless young blacks die by the thousands at the hand of police assassination squads.  For the average leftist, it's a fact.

So convinced are the purveyors of this myth, that it leads them to some unusually shocking, yet common internet utterances.

"You kill one of us, we kill two of them!" is an amazingly common refrain.  You've got to be pretty convinced of your fantasies to utter such words ... it's war talk.

Or, "if cops couldn't murder blacks with impunity, none of this would be necessary!"

I've come across some pretty out there stuff, but it's far too common.  The Ron Paul crowd is especially good at dishing up guano. (I hate to call them Libertarians ... is there a lunatic wing of the libertarian brand?)

"The cops need to decide who they serve, the people or the banks!" ... really?

A group on one blog wondered, "Whatever happened to sacrificing one's life for one's country ... that's what real heroes do!"  Yep ... that's it ... dying on the streets while preserving law and order is the expectation for police officers; hell, who needs Afghanistan or Fallujah. 

Or, how about, "They won't stop until they've disarmed all of us", and, "They'd back off if they new they worked for the Jews and Bankers who want us disarmed."  ... yep, let's just forget that the vast majority of cops are strong gun-rights advocates ... and many have served in the military, an even more stalwart gun-rights constituency.

On occasion individuals really creep into the weeds.

" The cops in my town are scary.  You can tell they hate everybody and everything.  They sit there staring from behind their sunglasses just daring you to do something so that they can shoot you.  I hate them."  ... well, isn't that interesting; now tell me about those voices in your head.

The deeply troubling thing is that the malice expressed towards law enforcement, and the truly dull logic used to justify it, is far too common.  A good number of Americans are at this point in time, celebrating stunning ignorance, and leftwing leadership is once again, making hay off of it.  

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