Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Celebration of Ignorance: Leftist Mob

The leftist playbook hasn't changed much since the French Revolution. It usually involves the stirring up of the mob using either real, or partly real, or contrived grievance ... there is usually an initial peaceful workup, but almost always a degeneration to violence. If and when the mob prevails, death and destruction are soon to follow; communists are responsible for the butchery of some 100 million people worldwide.

Even when constrained by democracy and the rule of law, the violent underbelly of the leftist mob is usually not far off ... restrained only by a lack of public support and/or the existence of constitutional government.  It's a thin line of civilized behavior that holds the modern leftist from using the violent mob more often.

We see it all unfold again, in America, where an orgy of ignorance has propelled the anti-police, anti-white, racist, riots and protests. One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at how the mob is so easily stirred up using complete falsehoods.  "Hands up, Don't Shoot!", is the call to arms of this modern day peasantry, where a total fantasy has been turned into rally cry. We know that Michael Brown never did say "don't shoot" and that he never did hold his hands up.  It's all just a lie ... a falsehood ... a load of guano; but it matters not to the pitch fork rabble because the mob will feast on just about anything no matter the lack of voracity. And leftist leadership know this, and uses it.

Now we have murder ... two police officers executed in cold blood by one of the mob; motivated by the utterances of Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, and Mayor De Blasio, as well as a host of other leftwing activists.  (compare the leftist mob to the Tea Party ... the peaceful thousands of law abiding, pick-up after yourself, moms and dads and young people, who were so horrifically vilified by the left).  Murder, burning, looting, violence and mayhem follow the leftist mob ... not the Tea Party.

Leftist leadership has got one thing right though.  It knows that the path to power is often not won with superior argument; it's often won by simply stirring  up the lowbrow, ignorant, uneducated, or hopelessly idealistic useful idiots that make up the leftist base.  How many socialist leaders have been propelled to riches and power on the back of the useful idiot?  In America alone they number in the thousands.

Fortunately this is 2014. The New Media is here, and it is no longer possible for the leftist mob-makers to dictate public perception. In poll after poll it is clear that the average American is not sympathetic to the mob, nor is she willing to suffer the simpletons much.  From television, to internet, to radio, the New Media now broadcasts statistics and counter argument, making the violent leftist mob an isolated creature.  In the past, the more the mob chanted, burned, and raged, the more it swayed public opinion.  Today, it's just the opposite.  The mob is simply mixing the ingredients for a backlash.  It is different this time ... you can feel it ... you can sense it.

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robins111 said...

I agree.. When the pendulum swings back it's gonna get ugly.