Sunday, December 14, 2014

The End of American Democracy Happened Yesterday

I find it shocking how little attention is being paid to one provision which just passed the USA Congress, that being an increase of 10X the allowable political donation. Essentially, the average voter has just been made irrelevant ... there is no way that all the good intentions, all the volunteer work, and all the ranting of the average voter can outdo the new financial power of the elites. With presidential elections running up 2 Billion Dollar tabs, expect that amount to only increase. While the grass roots, like the Tea Party and Leftist Groups scrape together funding from members of modest means, the elite will be drowning in cash; able to flood the air waves with ads and fill "volunteer" election armies with paid help.

Democracy in America has now clearly become a game only for the rich; what with PACs having no spending caps it is now the Corporate Sector that owns the election process.

Voters of the left and right should be dismayed ... democracy for them is essentially over.

I'm reminded of Ancient Rome, where the elite bickered and murdered and negotiated among themselves in Rome, oblivious that the empire was collapsing and that only the common soldier, totally divorced from political power, held the empire together by a thin thread.

The second measure Congress snuck into the spending the bill will be more galling to some, because it amounts to a pay raise for the two unpopular political parties: It raises the $32,400 maximum that donors could give the Democratic National Committee or Republican National Committee to a whopping $324,000 per year, gutting what's left of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law. The Washington Post says this was inserted on page 1,599 of a 1,603-page bill (!!!).


Stephen Bloom said...

In ancient Rome, toward the fall of the Western Empire, it was the common soldier who annointed and deposed the Emperor with sickening regularity. I think the situation is somewhat similar to late Republican Rome in the respect that the elites are bickering, but remember that the Roman Republic was overthrown by generals supported by their own military forces. I will concede that the monied class will have increased influence but feel that the US Supreme Court decision that permitted the Super PAC opened the gate on this issue.

celestialjunk said...

Yeah, the supreme court made way for the billion dollar campaign; now that will climb even more as the elite can pour funds directly into campaigns. The grass roots have been shutout; and in modern Rome there is no way the common soldier will go to Washington to try and set things right. I think the last hope is in the volunteer and New Media, but I'm not sure any amount of effort can overcome the funds that will now flow to candidates who are Wall Street yes men. Crony Capitalism has now been codified into law.