Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is so Yesterday

Out with the old, in with the new ... welcome to ACD .... that's ACD, not ACDC.  Not only does ACD give ecomaniacs cover by eliminating just about any possibility to test their ludicrous theories, it allows them to hyperventilate all the more:
The 3,000 word extravaganza of psychological pain is published by an NGO aptly called Truthout (think, “LightsOut”?)

“Climate science researchers, scientists, journalists and activists have all been struggling with grief around what we are witnessing.”

There’s an angry professor calling other scientists who disagree “greedy, lying bastards” and talking of backing “you plutocrats, denialists, fossil-fuel hacks “ against the wall. Another professor blames ACD for the driving cause of her depression.

ACD, by the way, is Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. Forget Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) — it is quietly gone, buried in the backyard, thanks to the inconvenient Pause and lack of Global Warming*.

ACD is here ... run ... hide your children ... it's coming right from the fires of hell itself!


damorris said...

Sorry, forgot to thank you for posting that AC/DC youtube! Thank you!

damorris said...

Global warming to climate change to ACD, ya gotta love the way the high priests keep changeing the name to keep the acolytes in thrall.

Be scared, you little peasants, be scared and look to US for hope! The f***ing dummies don't realize they're falling for the same tricks the old religions that they despise used to great effect for centuries.

btw, I watched a documentary on AC/DC the other day,Angus Young said the name came from a tag he noticed on the sewing machine of his older sister who was sewing one of Angus's schoolboy costumes. The tag read "AC/DC,and Angus thought that would be a great name for their new rock band. He said he was a bit embarrassed when a friend told him it also meant "bisexual", but by then the name had stuck,so they went with it to fame and glory.