Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Farce is not Strong in This One

As I sit here putting this post up, I glance outside to my deck, where the thermometer reads  -26 Celsius (-15 F). There's a brisk wind, pushing the windchill down to -40.  It amazes me that Canadians have been able to carve out one of the highest standards of living on earth in natural conditions that are, to put it mildly, harsh.  Not only that, Canada's economy has created one of the most upwardly mobile middle classes on the planet.

Global Warming fanatics, would destroy it all.  There is not one single shred of evidence to support the notion that De-carbonizing Canada's energy infrastructure with grossly inefficient forms of energy like wind power, would not cost the country billions, and hence suppress our standard of living.  If the UK, which has nowhere near Canada's climate extremes, is any example, then Global Warming fanatics would succeed in doing one main thing; mid to low income Canadians would suffer crushing energy poverty ... just as so many do in the UK.

So, let the Global Warming Farce zealots rant and rave ... I tend to believe that most Canadians, save the useful idiots of the Planetary Fever Movement, would rise up and put an end to any initiatives that harshly impacted their outstanding standards of living. I'm sure most Canadians genuinely support initiatives that suppress "real" pollution; after all, North America wide air pollution and water pollution are falling.  I grew up in the 70s ... I remember the horrors of air and water pollution that existed in North America ... today's young greens have no idea ... not a whiff of how bad it was and how much improvement there has been and continues to be.  For example, my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee gets better mileage and pollutes far less than my VW Beetle did in 1973 ... and it's so much safer and offers so much more in the way of power, amenities and comfort that it's hard to believe we once drove around, with pride, such technological dinosaurs.  Heck, my first VW Rabbit barely got the mileage of my 6 cylinder Jeep ... and it was an absolute wheel barrow in comparison.

No wonder that, despite all the grand pronouncements, so little has actually been done world wide, and especially in Canada, to meet ludicrous Carbine Emission Reductions goals.  In a world where more than ever, information can be had at the tap of a button, individual citizens are coming to their own and critical conclusions about the often contradictory and farcical "scientific" pronouncements made by the green lobby, and the imperious demands that follow.

Goldstein reminds us in a recent piece of just how little "progress" has been made on the Planetary Fever front. Thank god for that.

TORONTO - As we begin 2015, it's worth noting we are entering the 27th year of Canadian politicians making ridiculous and impractical promises to reduce Canada's industrial carbon dioxide emissions, ostensibly to combat global warming.

The last absurd promise was Prime Minister Stephen Harper's commitment in 2010 to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by 17% below 2005 levels by 2020, through government regulation.

Since, as Prof. Andrew Leach of the University of Alberta School of Business observed at the time, that would have required the Conservatives to shut down the equivalent of Canada's transportation sector within a decade, it's hardly surprising that, five years later, we are nowhere near that goal.

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