Monday, January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo to Print 3 Million Copies

I can understand that major news organizations would not print the more obscene Muhammad cartoons offered by Charlie Hebdo, but there are many examples to choose from that lampoon Muhammad that are not obscene.

One of the arguments making the rounds the past few days is that the Charlie Hebdo murders occurred because the magazine published obscene cartoons.  Let me remind you that the Danish Muhammad Cartoons were not obscene, yet the authors have been under threat of death ever since. Recall, that the simple depiction of Muhammad is considered by Islamists to be grounds for murder.  Furthermore, if the obscene depiction of any religious figure triggers blasphemy laws, then it's all the more reason to depict those images.

So, next time you hear the "obscene cartoons" canard; take it for what it is ... guano.

As well, let me just toss this in ... if a UK organization had created the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, they'd be in the slammer.

It's with particular irony then, that I link to the Yahoo news release below, which can only bring itself to show a difficult to see Charlie Hedbo cartoon that may contain a satirical image of Muhammad.
Paris (AFP) - This week's three million copies of Charlie Hebdo, the first post-attack issue of the French satirical weekly, will defiantly feature caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, its lawyer said Monday.

The special issue, to come out on Wednesday, will also be offered "in 16 languages" for readers around the world, one of its columnists, Patrick Pelloux, said
Essentially, the world's major news organizations adhere to Muslim blasphemy laws.


Hedo said...

I think we can say that all of the major religions have committed atrocities in their history. King Herod had all the babies in Israel executed when Jesus was born. The Christians have had crusades, and well, Hitler killed 6 million Jews in the name of his distorted version of Christianity. European Christians have a dark history of persecuting jews. I think we need to sort out that most muslims are good people. But there is a terrible crmiinal element among them that commits atrocities of the sort you identified. Let's not condemn wholus bolus the 1 billion muslims on Earth. Let's only terminate the tens of thousands that are hateful and murderous.

chaos111_99 said...

At least one N American news media had the guts.

Cover for upcoming issue of Charlie Hebdo released, features cartoon Muhammad holding 'Je Suis Charlie' sign

chaos111_99 said...

So does the Ottawa Sun

celestialjunk said...

A whole bunch of Quebec papers ran some of the cartoons as well.