Monday, January 5, 2015

Climate Fascists and the Pope

So, because some bureaucrat somewhere does a report saying that this or that low-lying bit of the Maldives might be underwater in a century or three, real actual free-born peoples have to lose their right to freedom of expression right now. In a way, this is worse than what the Canadian Islamic Congress enforcers tried to do to me: There's no pretense of "hate speech" or this or that "phobia" or "-ism" or any of the other mawkish, modish concerns of identity-group victimology. The strange groupthink eunuchs of climate change are simply demanding that their opponents be silenced for no other reason than that they hold a different opinion. Michael E Mann, an eminent person terrified of impertinent Tweeters, is a big part of the shut-up culture that has so deformed "climate activism" that calling on the state to criminalize dissent now seems entirely normal to them.

Where does the pope come into this? Read and you'll understand.

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