Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Einstein is Dead: And So are Cranberries

The 4 pillars of modern science:

1. Profit
2. Political Agenda
3. Grants
4. Fame

... they couldn't even leave the delicious cranberry alone:
A paper in Food Chemistry suggesting cranberry extract has healing properties was retracted after some of the authors complained they had no idea the paper was being published.

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celestialjunk said...

I think that in extreme cases any competent mental health professionals can recognize individuals who require monitoring. I emphasize "extreme", which means rare.

I agree with your point, except that too many obvious threats have in the past been ignored with horrific consequences. Adam Lanza is a case in point; except that his mother sheltered him from scrutiny.

I don't trust the state however to get it right; especially a state loaded to the gills with bureaucrats who are not only incompetent, but have no respect for general liberty.