Saturday, January 17, 2015

Islam and the "Progressive" Fantasy

There are a large but shrinking number of Western citizens who aspire to a bizarre form of "progressive" ideology.  It is a mix of hate for Europe, hate for America, and hate for most things "white".  Most of those who cling to this ideology are, strangely, caucasian.

The general notion seems to be that most of the advances experienced by the Western world were gained at the expense of all the others.

Jews seem to be held in  particular disdain, being blamed for all manner of perceived evil, like the Industrial Military Complex, or the evil global banking cabal and of course the suffering of the completely innocent Palestinians.

We find "progressives" keeping their ideology alive by clinging to a perverted understanding of history, where facts are taken, stripped of context, and then elevated to religious levels of belief.  Noam Chomsky is the master of this method, where an endless litany of facts are quoted with no regard to context.  Yet, any student of history understands that a historic fact, is not truly a fact, without a clear and precise understanding of the context within it happened.

Chief among "progressive" history warping sins is the purposeful ignoring of genocides, ethnic cleansings, wars, and subjugations wrought by just about every single culture on the planet and in just about every place on the planet at one time or another, and done so without any Western influence.  Even Ward Churchill's "innocent" North American Indians have a pre-European history filled with wars, genocides,  human sacrifice, torture, and even mass cannibalism. Another shameful "Progressive" historic dyslexia is expressed through it's virtual ignoring of the Cold War when quoting Western sins of the last century.  Were one to ascribe to a "Progressive" view of history, one wouldn't even know that a Cold War existed, and that Vietnam, Angola, Cuba, and the Middle East wars and violence existed solely as a result of American aggression. Tell any "progressive" that Communists killed about 100 million of their own people in the last century and their eyes glaze over ... they'd rather lump Mother Theresa and Mao into the same conceptual construct; both great philosophers as "progressive thinker" Anita Dunn once told a wide-eyed audience of graduates.    

That's why with every act of Islamic Terrorism that takes place in Europe or North America, we see and hear "progressives" immediately go into a defense of Islam (led by the White House); as if Western populations were about to rise up and murder every single Muslim in their midst. In the "progressive" mind, any construct that exists and comes from outside the West, can't possibly be as evil as the Western Capitalist Imperialist faux Democratic Enslavers of Humanity that we are.  After all, Islam is Peace, Western culture is War.

The overall result of this ideology is a seemingly confused and disjointed (it's actually not) foreign policy.  The Obama administration is the primary case in point, where it struggles to deal with an increasingly hostile world while at the same time staying true the general notion that we (the West), have caused most of the troubles in the first place.

In the "Progressive" view, it's as if a formerly violently abusive parent now must reconcile with his estranged children, who obviously have gobs of resentment and distrust for the now reformed parent.

"Can we really blame violently abused children for lashing out at the source of their pain?" asks the Progressive.

Daily now the Obama administration is forced to twist itself into pretzels of logic in order to stay the course ... to stay true to the reformed parent role.

Obama came to power thinking that if he made it clear to the non-Western world that he understands it's ill will, that if he, the parent, "empathized", the healing would begin and the wronged billions (children) around the world would begin to "forgive" America and Europe and a new era of victim-oppressor reconciliation would take place.  Obama's genuflection to the Muslim world and the Russian "reset" were to be the dawning of the new era.  (Ironically, Obama and Hillary got it right with Russia by erroneously giving the Russians a "recharge" button.  The conflict with Russia has been truly recharged)

A recent example of "Progressive" logic is Obama's  milquetoast response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, where we've seen Obama and his spokesmen torture the English language in an attempt to remain the ever contrite formerly abusive parent.  While most can be forgiven for being gobsmacked by the Obama response, hardcore "Progressives" see it as completely logical.
British Prime Minister David Cameron was unsparing in his condemnation of Islamist terrorists on Friday, as he stood beside President Obama in the White House.

Like French officials last week following the deadly attacks in Paris, the PM bluntly described the problem as a "very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat."


(Obama responded), "I do not consider it an existential threat. As David said, this is one that we will solve. We are stronger. We are representing values that the vast majority of Muslims believe in -- in tolerance and in working together to build, rather than to destroy."
The long term results of the "Progressive" era are unclear, but in my opinion we are witnessing the loading of a giant spring.  With each "Progressive" global policy that is foisted onto a world that lives according to other realities, the chances for truly cataclysmic events become more real.  Muslim terrorists will, one day, manage an act that will make 9/11 seem tame, or they will push the naturally peaceful sentiments of the world's non-Muslim population to the breaking point, and the result will be backlash ... the unwinding of the spring as it were ... that will see not only the Islamists, but truly innocent Muslims bare the brunt.  It's not that long ago that we destroyed just about every single city in Germany and Japan in order to prevail.  Humans have it in them to exact massive destruction in order to preserve themselves ... let's hope that "Progressive" ideology doesn't once again bring us to that point.

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