Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Until now They've All Been Morons

I discussed a while ago that Canada and most Western countries have so far lived a charmed existence since 9/11. Why? Because in virtually every case of terrorism that's occurred on home soil, the terrorists have been morons. Common sense informs us that our charmed existence can not last.

France, may be the first to fall victim to a hardened, intelligent, well trained, terror team.
The gunmen who stormed the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris Wednesday, killing 12 people, are “very, very professional” fighters who were likely trained overseas to carry out an attack designed to scare journalists and citizens around the world, security experts say.

As French police and special forces launched a Paris-wide manhunt for three suspects who were last seen heading for the northeast end of the city, terror experts observed that the gunmen executed a carefully crafted plan.

Video footage of the assault shows a “shocking” calmness among the attackers, evidence that they have been well-trained and have likely seen battle overseas, according to Derek Humble, Globe Risk International senior operational consultant.

I don't think Canadians realize just how vulnerable they are. The average city police force, even in large Canadian cities, has at best a small squad trained in high risk tactics. The average beat cop is little better prepared, or armed, to confront well trained, organized, and determined armed threats than is your small town hunter.

To make matters worse, even communities which have a local military organization can not hope to depend on these for any meaningful assistance.  The fact is that the average Canadian soldier sees scarce time in actual firearms or tactical training; this is reserved for combat units.  Furthermore, firearms and ammunition are secured in a way that makes them difficult to access in short order.

Canadian special forces are the most capable of assisting ... but one wonders how much damage can be done by a group of 6 well armed, well trained, and deeply committed Jihadists were they to target (for example), a shopping mall that has limited access and escape points.  By the time special forces arrived and coordinated with local police, there would be carnage.

Many malls are located at the base of high rise structures ... structures usually crammed with medical offices etc.  They provide rich soft targets for those bent on exacting the maximum body count and fear.

We already have plenty of examples of just such attacks world wide.  And now, with thousands of Jihadists being hardened and trained around the world in real battle, the risk grows by the day.

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