Sunday, January 11, 2015

You dirty Jews, You Oppress Us

The hostages were in the grocery for about five hours. Some were stuck in the freezer, some were upstairs. Coulibaly killed four people and shot two others. There were around fifteen people downstairs, in the supermarket freezer. “The people in the freezer were able to be protected for some time, but then he found out that there were people in the freezer and he asked them to come up. Now some of them were too scared to. Because he was alone, he couldn’t leave the hostages, so he would send someone who worked in the store to go downstairs and get them. Some were too scared not to do what he wanted them to do, because some of them apparently were hoping to live. So they were saying, ‘All right, we’ll do what he wants and he’ll keep us alive, but some said no. So some went up, and apparently used the freight elevator to run out of the grocery from the back.” Only one person complied with Coulibaly’s demands to come out of the freezer and come upstairs; he was shot in the head. It was fifty degrees below zero in the freezer; one of those inside was an eighteen-month-old baby. Many got frostbite; a friend of Joseph who was in the freezer still cannot move his legs.

The full interview.

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chaos111_99 said...

Pictured - INSIDE the freezer at Kosher deli: Terrified hostages cradle a child and send desperate text messages to loved ones as crazed fanatic was in standoff with armed police upstairs