Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking: Virulent Strain Discovered

In what some are calling a breakthrough, scientists have identified a virulent strain plaguing communities throughout the world. So important is the discovery, that none other than Josh Earnest, Press Secretary to the White House, made the announcement.
“... [we are] very mindful of the fact that a particularly virulent strain of extremist ideology has tried to insert itself in the Muslim community.”
Most disturbing about the strain, known among researchers as MO-1, is that it metastasizes rapidly with deadly results. Furthermore, unlike most other viruses, MO-1 has already mutated into a surprisingly large number of sub-strains, each able to infect communities rapidly.

For example, one of the most recent strains, known as IS-IS, has in months mutated into several sub-strains according to American Officials. These include IS-IL, IS, and DA-ESH.

The White House announcement brings into focus just how seriously Obama officials are taking the discovery. Already, victims of MO-1 are feeling the impact. Said a Coptic Christian, about to be beheaded in Libya, "Now I know the cause, now I am at peace, I can go to my maker a happy man!"

The discovery also has answered questions plaguing scientists for decades. For example, they can now make a connection between MO-1 and virulent strains found in Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Russia, the Caucasus, The Middle East, Iran, North Africa, Continental Africa, South Asia, North America, and Europe.  Even ASG, found on an isolated Philippine Island, is now thought to be related to MO-1.

Perhaps most surprising, is that the outbreak of BO-HR-AM, earlier thought to be only a locally isolated virulent strain, can now be tied indisputably to MO-1.

Said one scientist from The Institute of Peace Studies at Harvard, "who would have thought all these separate and seemingly unconnected virulent strains would be related, and furthermore, could be traced back to the initial outbreak some 1400 years ago.  The scientific community has truly been turned on its head."

Already, the White House has convened experts to deal with the threat, and in what some are considering a bold first, is in the process of organizing the scientific community too combat the virulent strain.  Just to demonstrate how seriously the White House takes the threat, it has commissioned experts to employ an experimental antidote called TWEET, causing some to remark that not since the Manhattan Project have scientists been this focused on solving a most perplexing problem.

Not yet fully established by experts though, is how it may be possible to neutralize the primary career of MO-1, thought to be a protein called Q-RAN.

Researchers will hopefully solve other mysteries as well, for example; just how many have been infected with MO-1?  Some estimates put the number at a conservative 300 million, while others say that because of the constant mutations, upper limits may reach over 1 billion.

The greatest gap in knowledge though, is in understanding the exact mode of transmission of this most virulent strain; in other words, how does the protein Q-RAN first incubate, then transmit MO-1?  So far scientists are left only with hypothesis, leaving some White House officials to merely speculate:
We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether —

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