Monday, February 16, 2015

The Children Are Our Future

... and on days like this I'm not too concerned:

MARYSTOWN, N.L. -- Three young men entered a burning hotel in Newfoundland and played a crucial role in ensuring that four people inside safely escaped the building, RCMP said Monday.

Cpl. Phonse Foley said one of the teenagers was driving by the Ville Marie Hotel in Marystown around 1 a.m. Monday when he spotted flames coming from the peak of the building.

Foley said the young man called police and then called his friends who were in the area. Foley said the group, who are all around 18 or 19 years old, then entered the burning building and alerted the guests and hotel staff inside of the fire.

"I guess once he realized that they were the first ones there, they took it upon themselves to make sure that everybody was safe and that everybody was out," said Foley.

"It's certainly our belief that these young men played a crucial role in ensuring that everybody was out and that lives were saved."

Foley said the group was not racing through flames, as the fire had not spread from the top of the building yet. But he said they would have encountered a lot of smoke.

He said if it wasn't for them, those four people may not have survived.

"One person in particular, he certainly owes his life to those young men," said Foley, adding that there were no injuries besides smoke inhalation.

Police said the small hotel with roughly two dozen rooms was destroyed by the blaze and the cause is under investigation.


damorris said...

Peters says it right ,"Obama romanticizes Islam". Obama was educated in a madrassa until he was 8 years old. He was inculcated with a belief system that never left him. Though he may have pretended to convert to Christianity later in life, for appearance sake more than a sincere acceptance of Christ as his saviour, in his heart,Obama is and always will be.....a Muslim.

Obama is more secular than truly religious, as most people are today, but that childhood fairy tale he was taught as a very young boy will stay with him until the day he dies,at which moment he will call out to Allah, not Christ. Let's not be naive about this.

Many years ago,a Catholic priest commented on this phenomenon saying," give me the person when he is young,and he is ours for life". Young men raised in the Muslim religion are no different, and are undoubtedly even more zealous in their belief.

Thank Allah Obama has only two years left in his term. His effect on America will haunt that Nation and the world for decades to come. We can only hope the Americans have enough sense to elect a person who believes in their Country and reestablishes America's prominent place in the world, as a radical change from the current President,who, no matter what his religion, hates America, and everything she stood for historically.

Hans said...

"Islamic State militants released a horrific video Sunday of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians who had been taken hostage in the Libyan city of Sirte in two separate incidents in December and January.

In the video, masked jihadists marched the Christians from Egypt’s Coptic minority onto a sandy beach, and forced them down to their knees before sawing off their heads."

PM Harper correctly identifies the motivating ideology of the perpetrators and the faith of the victims. This is known as being grounded in reality. Conversly, the "Obama-Nation™" refuses to even identify the victims as Christians...

Starnes: Moral Cowardice: WH Won't Call Latest Victims of Islamic Radicals 'Christians'

The WH won't even admit the basic facts of the atrocity. In short, "O'Bambi" is like a deer in the ISIS headlights.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Carley Martin said...

That awesome....