Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Green IQ

I'm not sure the article referenced below applies to ordinary people ... say the local grocery store clerk, but it does make for a pretty interesting conceptualization.

Think of all those hardcore "greens" you may know ... the ultra-pious recycling, fossil fuel hating, global warming alarmist, finger pointing ninnies. You've likely got relatives like that. Or consider even the really genuine folks, those who simply believe that every shred of material tossed into the recycling bin saves the planet (and makes them feel better) and that every puff of exhaust is warming the climate; that all vitamins are good, oil companies are bad, and David Suzuki knows what he's talking about.

Then, consider the reaction of said folks when you challenge them with a few facts ... say, that global warming model forecasts are running way hotter than reality, or that global temperatures are massively adjusted in order to get a warming trend over the past 100 years. The zealots will usually toss in some shot about "oil company" propaganda, and the kinder gentler types will usually just ... glaze over. Sometimes, instead of a knowledgeable counter to your point, you may be referred to a webpage ... which will explain it all.

Yeah, generally, those who believe in dangerous man-made global warming ... or is it climate change ... no wait, I mean ACD, are generally pretty ignorant, with the zealots displaying a good dose of wanker.

So much for the theory that skeptics are dumb or uninformed. Fox News reports that a new study shows that when people are quizzed about climate science, the skeptics outscored the believers.

Dan Kahan at Yale did the study on 2,000 people, but with only nine questions, so there is limited insight here, but it fits with his previous study which found people who knew more about maths and science were more likely to be skeptical. Readers of skeptical blogs (who chose to respond to surveys and list their qualifications in comments) are likely to have hard science degrees. The world is slowly waking up to the fact that the skeptics are more knowledgeable about science.


damorris said...

I don't know if we are any more intelligent that the believers, just that most of us already have a faith, or not, so we don't have to throw ourselves ,figuratively speaking, at a "cause".
The religious overtones of the AGW/CC/CD zealots is almost identical to that of the religious zealots of old. They will deny any science, just as the religious will turn off anyone who questions their God, while the real scientific -minded never stop questioning and searching for the answers.

I find it kind of desperate and pathetic. Whenever I encounter one of these types, I (an atheist) recommend that they look into one of the old religions,as they at least have Deities who don't take your money, as do the gods of AGQ/CC/CD .

I have always admired a healthy skepticism,and many times in my life it has served me well. Anyone who claims "the science is settled" knows nothing of science, and can be categorized as ignorant, a fool, or a profiteering liar.

spinassassin said...

Be sure to light Fireworks on Earth hour. The children will smile and the progs will scowl. Somewhere deep in their little minds they will begin to understand.

celestialjunk said...

The beautiful glow of civilization.

pkuster said...

The green zealots usually have no clue about the science, but they love the solutions.