Monday, February 23, 2015

We Told You So

... on Cjunk in January:

I don't think Canadians realize just how vulnerable they are. The average city police force, even in large Canadian cities, has at best a small squad trained in high risk tactics. The average beat cop is little better prepared, or armed, to confront well trained, organized, and determined armed threats than is your small town hunter.

To make matters worse, even communities which have a local military organization can not hope to depend on these for any meaningful assistance. The fact is that the average Canadian soldier sees scarce time in actual firearms or tactical training; this is reserved for combat units. Furthermore, firearms and ammunition are secured in a way that makes them difficult to access in short order.

... on CTV today:

Canada is “completely unprepared” for an attack on a shopping mall or other large public place, says one security expert, after Somali terror group al-Shabab urged Muslim fighters to launch attacks in North America and Europe and named the West Edmonton Mall as a potential target.


Asked whether Canada is prepared, Thompson replied: “No, we’re completely unprepared for an attack like that.”

Urban police forces in Canada are “under-armed,” Thompson said, noting that while officers carry a handgun and possibly have a rifle or other long-barrelled gun in the trunk of their patrol cars, they carry very little ammunition.

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