Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adventures of the JV Team

Yep ... the war is over.  Tell that to the Sunnis who joined US forces to push out the same bastards who are now beheading their way across Iraq.

Whether the war was a mistake, is debatable, especially when looking through the prism of 2001, and not the prism of hindsight ... which is usually 20/20.

What is not debatable, is that when O took over, he was handed a stable democratic Iraq where the military was well on its way to becoming a professional institution based on merit ... not graft.  In fact, Iraq was so stable that international banks and oil companies were pouring in.  Iraq was seeing less barbarism than it had seen in decades and the entire country was full of hope.

It also is a fact that both military, intelligence, and political advisers warned O that a complete US pull out would be a disaster.

And finally, the canard being pushed by O and his useful idiots, that the pull out was necessary because a Status of Forces agreement couldn't be reached is just that, a canard. O put virtually no effort either diplomatically or economically into getting that agreement.  His arrogant crowing about the withdrawal makes that clear.

So, here we are, battling the barbarians again, and this time, even Canada is involved.

As for America's closest allies post-surge ... the Anbar Sunni ...
The government’s effort to foster Sunni fighters, always a seemingly halfhearted program, now feels almost incidental as thousands of Shiite militiamen are flooding into Anbar to take up the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

A ceremony for a group of Sunni tribal fighters stationed at a base in Habbaniya, a lakeside town in Anbar, to receive new American-supplied weapons had been scheduled for Monday, but was canceled because of the Ramadi crisis. Instead, nearly 3,000 Shiite militiamen arrived at the outpost.

The collapse of Anbar has also set in sharp relief the continuing tragedy of Iraq’s Sunnis, beginning with the American invasion in 2003 that, almost instantly, upended the old social order of Sunni prominence. With the majority Shiites thrust into power, the Sunnis were sidelined, many banished from public life for good because of their ties to Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party.


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