Friday, June 26, 2015

From Moderate Malaysia

... comes the niqab for your bottom:

Maternity pants that ensure a woman’s ‘intimate parts’ are covered up during CHILDBIRTH go on sale in pharmacies in Malaysia to ‘protect women’s modesty’, By Jay Akbar, Daily Mail, June 26, 2015
Created by online store MamaPride which sells the product for around £20
The trousers cover the woman’s thighs, knees and ankles during childbirth
Small opening in the crotch has enough room for baby to make its way out
Claims some Malaysian women do not agree with men delivering their child

A Malaysian clothing company has created maternity pants which conceal a women’s ‘intimate parts’ during childbirth.

It would truly be a tragedy, if for some reason, a non-relative male doctor were to see said mother's ankles.

... the details from Geller.

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