Sunday, June 7, 2015

Prog Gun Virgins Before and After


Alain said...

Simple answer is that they came here to colonise. The hiding of one's face in public should be illegal and not tolerated.

damorris said...

These city sucks are about as far from me (and you as well,Paul) at that age as is possible.

The best way to learn about guns is by starting with the basics,a pellet gun or .22 caliber single shot Cooey. There's nothing sexy about the .22, but it's easy and safe to use it as an instruction tool.

There's too much "Hollywood" bullshit around about guns, they're portrayed as weapons of mayhem, which they are in the hands of the one percenters who use guns to commit crimes, but as a hunter for more than fifty years,I resent the image portrayed of gun users.

When was the last time you saw a gun used in a positive way to save the life of someone, and I mean by ordinary persons, not the "hero" type ? I can't think of a single movie...(.whoops...wrong, the Michael Caine movie "Harry Brown" from a few years back is one of the very few.)

That instructor stood too far back from that one girl who turned around with the shotgun, that's how accidents happen.

It was good to see the reactions of these anti- gun liberals,though, when they had to face their irrational fears. I don't think any of them changed their opinion, but at least they have had the experience and it might start them thinking more critically about the propaganda they're subjected to daily.