Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Farce is Strong in This One

Save a Life ... Surrender your Knife!

There is [...] a ban on people under 18 buying knives – going so far on the absurdity scale as to ban underage purchases of plastic knives! No joke. One woman in her 20s was even barred from buying spoons without proper ID:

There is no absurdity ... no end, to which Progs will go to control society.

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Alain said...

You are absolutely correct in that there is no end to how far they will go until everyone is reduced slaves without any rights or freedom remaining. That is unless people start pushing back and refusing this removal of liberty and freedom bit by bit.

damorris said...

But sadly, we won't. I remember Solzhenitsyn's lament in "The Gulag Archipelago", "if only we'd spoken out, if only we'd stopped them"...., but they didn't and we won't. The Russian people didn't act due to a very real fear, we don't act because we are too comfortable.

Without Leaders,there will be no revolution and we are too far devolved to create leaders any more, just compliant sheep who crave to better serve our masters. We wouldn't recognize this world if we were unfortunate enough to still be here in 100 years.