Sunday, November 15, 2015

Muslim Safe Space

Muslim Safe Space

Indeed, a plurality of Muslims are not violent, especially among those living in Western countries ... but, the fact that they are not "violent" is entirely irrelevant.

In fact, the larger a population of Muslims gets within a Western Liberal Democracy, the more safe space it offers to those who believe in the original Islam of Muhammad. The originator of Islam would be proud of the animals who committed the slaughter in Paris. The butchery did, after all, look very much like that committed on hundreds of occasions by Muhammad and his marauding hordes.

So, save us your feckless "progressive" platitudes.  I place the blame for these kinds of atrocities squarely in the lap of "progressive" leadership in the West.  As my masthead says:

"But then, there is the "progressive" class ... that aimless mass of Western humanity so burdened by cultural self-loathing that it is to Islam, as ungulates are to lions."
"Progressive" dogma dictates that all peoples, everywhere, share common values and as such we must not refrain from welcoming all into our midst.  So dogmatic in this belief are most "progressives" that they are willing to suspend the safety, security, and prosperity of us all simply to prove a point.  They would drown us in Muslims from around the world without hardly pausing to consider the possible long-term ramifications of their actions.  Even today, after the massacre in Paris, the "progressive" chorus is exclaiming its support for continued massive injection of Islam into Europe.

One must admit though, that Muslims and "progressives" share at least two values; that is that they both would suspend the freedom of expression when "expression" offends them, and they both are utterly intolerant of dogma that is not their own.

As far as that peaceful majority of Muslims among us ...  Don't be fooled.

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