Sunday, March 27, 2016

My First Ever Bedding Project

I prefer wooden rifle stocks over synthetic ones, even though high quality synthetic rifle stocks make for more accurate shooting. Recently I made the decision to upgrade the wooden stock on my favorite rifle, a 1988 Remington Model 700 Classic. The rifle is chambered in 35 Whelen, my favorite caliber.

35 Whelen
My Favorite: Remington M700 Classic in 35 Whelen

The Remington M700 Classic is an accurate rifle; but it is a one shot deal.   The stock is light and thin and has a pressure point at the forend, so the zero moves after the first two shots.  Two shots are generally enough to heat the barrel and begin to change the harmonics.

What this means is that if you let the barrel cool completely after placing a shot, the accuracy is outstanding for the next shot.  But, the barrel must be cooled all over again.

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