Saturday, November 19, 2005

Junk for Laughs

“…Celestial Junk is funnier than Chretien’s face and has more laughs a minute than a Jack Layton press conference.”
-Western Standard Time

“It has been said that Debris Trail and Junker are the wittiest chaps on the internet. This humble author might add ‘I like thy wit well’ CJunk! ”
-P. Barnsworth Wentington, The New Yorker

“…..a winning combination of comedy, crass, politics and style, the brilliant machinations of CJunk will have you rolling on the floor and voting conservative within 5 minutes of logging onto their site.”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

“Them there Cjunky boys are hilarious!” -Some Kentucky hillbilly, Celestial Junk Comments

Now is your opportunity to experience, in full, the writings that all of the critics are raving over. Scroll and enjoy Celestial Junk’s much vaunted Light Reading Series.

“Pop Musikk”? – Ace of Base, in spades.

SUV Love - Where the Jimmy meets the road.

Even Better Than the Real Thing – Are you a Probst-a-phobe?

War, what is it good for? – The Penn is mightier than the sword.

Harper’s Reich – Meinkampf for Manitobans.

“…not gay, metrosexual.” – Plaid, we hardy knew ye.

Nice Beaver - A long and penetrating history.

101 Damiens - Why doth thus torture us Disney? Think of the children!

Set Stupidity to Full - Goodbye Sci-Fi, you won’t be missed

What You Talk'n Bout Comrade?! - Communist TV and The bionic Six Million Ruble Comrade

Faith Lickin’ Good - What do Jesus, Odin, and Tom Cruise have in common?


Thought for Food - Satan thy name is Tofu

A Pant's Passing - RIP Levi's Dockers Wrinkle Free Classic Fit pants

The Hounds of Ottawa - I dare say the Liberals did it, Watson, it is purely elementary

Ba bababa, ba bababa, Baby! - Madonna, Abba, and a strange feeling of Voulez-Vous Vu

Celestial Junk: Between the Posts - VH2 presents an in depth look at the men between the posts

Give Me a Break - Only the resurrected corpse of Sargon the first can save us now

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