Thursday, November 9, 2006

The J-Files

Buried deep within a dust coated filing cabinet in a rarely visited basement office at the headquarters of the Fatwa Bureau of Investigation sit the Jihad Files. The J-Files are a collection of bizarre and unexplained cases; files filled with the paranormal or baffling. These long forgotten files, that more often than not, deal with dark elements of the great Satan, suddenly came to light after 9/11. Now, the skeptical Special Agent Fox Mu’huldir, and the devoted believer, Special Agent Dana Scuhli, have been assigned to uncover the secrets of these long buried mysteries. The J-Files have been re-opened, but there are forces more powerful than can possibly be imagined aligning themselves to keep the truth hidden.

But the truth is out there.

The Jinn of Zion

The Fatwa Bureau of Investigation Headquarters, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
“Mu’huldir, I came as soon as I got your message. Is it true that we have our first new J-Files case?”
“That’s right Scuhli. This report from Gaza just came across the wire. The authorities there claim that there has been a string of bizarre disappearances involving popular youthful members of the local community.”
“And how exactly does that pertain to the J-Files Fox? It sounds like just another Zionist kidnapping and organ harvesting operation.”
“Not quite, here’s the catch. These kids aren’t simply disappearing from their communities, they are literally evaporating into thin air.”
“That’s impossible Mu’huldir…..”

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