Sunday, November 12, 2006

Junk for Laughs Returns

“…Celestial Junk is funnier than Chretien’s face and has more laughs a minute than a Jack Layton press conference.”
-Western Standard Time

“It has been said that Paul and Junker are the wittiest chaps on the internet. This humble author might add ‘I like thy wit well’ CJunk! ”
-P. Barnsworth Wentington, The New Yorker

“…..a winning combination of comedy, crass, politics and style, the brilliant machinations of CJunk will have you rolling on the floor and voting conservative within 5 minutes of logging onto their site.”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

“Them there Cjunky boys are hilarious!”
-Some Kentucky hillbilly, Celestial Junk Comments

This slow news day is the perfect chance for you to enjoy the much acclaimed comedic stylings of Celestial Junk. Enjoy.

Pulp Fatwa - "Who's turban is this?" "It's BL's." "Who's BL?" "BL's dead baby, BL's dead."

SUV Love - Where the Jimmy meets the road.

Nice Beaver - A long and penetrating history.

Even Better Than the Real Thing – Are you a Probst-a-phobe?


Hobbnobbing II: Return of the Knobs - Noam, Slick Willy, and at least one Baldwin, all in the same room! This years blockbuster must see horor.

Hobbnobing III: Knobs Unleashed - I brave pampered snobbery, ONE....MORE.....TIME

A Pant's Passing - RIP Levi's Dockers Wrinkle Free Classic Fit pants

The Hounds of Ottawa - I dare say the Liberals did it Watson, it is purely elementary

Fatwa Fashion File - The most explosive numbers in this years spring collection

The Case of the Crooked Faced Man - A most perplexing peculiarity of paramount proportions

War, what is it good for? – The Penn is mightier than the sword.

Harper’s Reich – Meinkampf for Manitobans.

“…not gay, metrosexual.” – Plaid, we hardy knew ye.

101 Damiens - Why doth thus torture us Disney? Think of the children!

Set Stupidity to Full - Goodbye Sci-Fi, you won’t be missed

What You Talk'n Bout Comrade?! - Communist TV and The bionic Six Million Ruble Comrade

Faith Lickin’ Good - What do Jesus, Odin, and Tom Cruise have in common?

Thought for Food - Satan thy name is Tofu

At the Ladens - The Red Carpet pre-show for the 10th annual Bin-Cademy Film Awards

Ba bababa, ba bababa, Baby! - Madonna, Abba, and a strange feeling of Voulez-Vous Vu

Celestial Junk: Between the Posts - VH2 presents an in depth look at the men between the posts

Give Me a Break - Only the resurrected corpse of Sargon the first can save us now

Can You Hear Me Now? - Dancing Babies on cell phones....the future is now

Gut Wrenching!: A Guided Tour to Popular Musical Theater - Need we say more?

Challenging Perceptions - Plugging Intifada your heart out Heath.

J-Files: Jinn of Zion - Special Agents Fox Mu'huldir and Dana Scuhli are on the case

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