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The J-Files: Jinn of Zion

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. We're sure to be back at it come Monday. In the meantime, here’s an old one. Also, be advised that Special Agent Fox Mu’huldir Special Agent Dana Scuhli may be returning soon.....the truth is out there.

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Buried deep within a dust coated filing cabinet in a rarely visited basement office at the headquarters of the Fatwa Bureau of Investigation sit the Jihad Files. The J-Files are a collection of bizarre and unexplained cases; files filled with the paranormal or baffling. These long forgotten files, that more often than not, deal with dark elements of the great Satan, suddenly came to light after 9/11. Now, the skeptical Special Agent Fox Mu’huldir, and the devoted believer, Special Agent Dana Scuhli, have been assigned to uncover the secrets of these long buried mysteries. The J-Files have been re-opened, but there are forces more powerful than can possibly be imagined aligning themselves to keep the truth hidden. But the truth is out there.

The Jinn of Zion

The Fatwa Bureau of Investigation Headquarters, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Mu’huldir, I came as soon as I got your message. Is it true that we have our first new J-Files case?”

“That’s right Scuhli. This report from Gaza just came across the wire. The authorities there claim that there has been a string of bizarre disappearances involving popular youthful members of the local community.”

“And how exactly does that pertain to the J-Files Fox? It sounds like just another Zionist kidnapping and organ harvesting operation.”

“Not quite, here’s the catch. These kids aren’t simply disappearing from their communities, they are literally evaporating into thin air.”

“That’s impossible Mu’huldir…..”

“Well, that’s what the report says. I believe this case is well worth looking into as a potential J-File. It certainly fits the bill as unexplained.”

“Alright Mu’huldir, if that’s what you think I’ll play along, but I’m willing to bet this is nothing more than another mundane case of arcane Jewish interventionism. The Zionist Crimes Unit should be handling this one, not us. I bet we’ll read about the solution to the case in Reuters even before we get there.”

“Believe me Scuhli, there is more to this case than meets the eye. Now, our ride to Gaza leaves in an hour, we’ll need to keep a low profile and work under cover, so we’ll be traveling in a Red Crescent van… as usual.”

Faruq Household, Gaza, Palestine

“Thank you for letting us into your home Mrs. Faruq. I know the local authorities have already questioned you thoroughly on the matter of your son’s passing, but there are still a few unanswered questions.”

“Of course, I’m glad that I can help you, but I can’t understand why this case is still open. Isn’t it obvious to you people who the culprits are?”

“Of course Mrs. Faruq, its just that there are a few questions remaining. Would it be alright if we took a look at Aziz’ room?”

“Of course, please follow me. It was here that I last saw my beloved son. He was working on an explosive vest…….jihadism was his favorite hobby. On the day it happened, I heard a loud bang come from his room. At first I thought nothing of it… kids… you know… always playing with explosives, guns… grenades, and the like. Later when I went to fetch my dear Aziz for the evening meal, I found that he had vanished. All that was left were these charred markings on the walls. The dreadful truth hit me immediately……the Jews had taken him. I don’t know what else you expect to find here… but I will leave you to your work!”

“You know she’s right Mu’huldir, this case is cut and dry… it’s classic Zionist abduction… we’ve all seen it before. By now Aziz’ organs will have been sold on the black market and dispersed throughout the EU and America. Should I call Reuters? ”

“I’m not so convinced Scuhli…..I mean look at these burn marks, what could have possibly caused them? And what about the loud noise that Mrs. Faruq purportedly heard. I know that Aziz was young… but he was 14… a little old to be playing with grenades and such. And, look at this red coloration here…..and here. Could this be the blood of the young Aziz Faruq. No Scuhli, I don’t believe the Jews are responsible for this one.”

“What exactly are you suggesting Mu’huldir … and, are you sure you want to go there Mu’huldir … not the Jews… be careful… please?”

“I’ve read in western literature and news reports … accounts of bizarre accidental detonation involving inept would-be terrorists… I mean martyrs. Of course our government denies any such occurrences, but my sources inAmerica suggest that these incidents do occur, and more often than one would think.”

“But why Mu’huldir? Why would Allah allow such things to happen? It just doesn’t make sense!”

“I know it denies all that is reasonable and counters every bit of logic we have Scuhli… but you have to keep an open mind… even where the great Satan is involved. It’s why we’re here, and it’s why this is a J-File. Now, take a sample from the wall to the forensic lab. I am going to visit a few more of the families who’ve lost a son in this fashion. I’ll meet you back at the lab.”

Palestinian Police Forces, Gaza Headquarters-Forensics Unit, Gaza, Palestine

“Hello… Dana Scuhli!”

“Scuhli its Mu’huldir.”

“Mu’huldir, where are you? I’ve been trying to contact you.”

“I’ve been to the homes of several more of the victims. You’re not going to believe this Scuhli, but in every single case I found the exact conditions as we found in Aziz Faruq’s room. An interest in Jihadism, a pastime with explosives, and that strange charring … along with red coloration. Speaking of which, did you get back the results on that sample?”

“I did Mu’huldir, but something bizarre happened. When the sample was returned to me after I cleared it in through Riyadh, it appeared as though someone had tampered with the evidence. In fact, I don’t think I even got back the original sample. The tests came back saying that it was nothing more than paint.”

“But you believe that the samples have been altered….that someone is interfering with the investigation. Could the original samples have been blood Scuhli? That would support my self-detonation theory.”

“Blood! … do you know what you are saying Mu’huldir … this is not a secure line. Anyway, there is no way to say for certain exactly what that sample was.”

“Obviously someone is trying to hide the truth. But who?”

“Who indeed Mu’huldir…..maybe we’re just being paranoid here. What could possibly be the motive behind a cover-up like this? Unless… the Zionists are up to something besides organ theft… I didn’t consider that!”

“I can’t say for sure but…..wait one second Scuhli…….I’m special Agent Fox Mu…..Fatwa Bureau of……..stop STOP!…”

“Mu’huldir? Mu’huldir!”

Gaza Central Hospital, Gaza, Palestine

“It’s a lucky thing that patrol unit found you when they did Mu’huldir, your attacker left you in pretty bad shape.”

“Attackers Scuhli. One of them got my attention while the other blindsided me. They were professionals Scuhli, I didn’t see it coming.”


“Possibly. Who ever it was, they obviously aren’t interested in having this case solved. This file just took a very interesting turn….”

“Actually, the case is a dead end, as far as we’re concerned. Riyadh pulled us off the case Mu’huldir.”

“What? … Did they give a reason why?”

“They said we were needed back in Saudi Arabia, though they weren’t specific.”

“Obviously this conspiracy goes up much higher than I first thought. Someone desperately wants these self-exploding jihadists to disappear, and I don’t think the Jews have anything to do with it.”

“Come now Mu’huldir, you can’t prove any of this… and you forget just how powerful the Zionists are… for all we know they have infiltrated Riyadh!”

“ We just can’t say Scuhli… not yet at any rate … but the truth is out there!”

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